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Child Victims of Trafficking originating from Bulgaria and Romania

Olivier Peyroux | Terre des hommes | 22 pages
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The two research reports published by Terre des hommes and its partners provide a comprehensive picture of the child trafficking phenomenon and modus operandi in targeted areas of Romania and Bulgaria. These reports are the outcome of a larger project led by the French government (which co-funded the initiative) aiming at enhancing the fight against child trafficking in Central and South East Europe.

The objectives of the research projects were to contribute to the identification and improved understanding of the methods of recruitment and coercion of children being exploited in France and whose origin allowed to target specific areas of recruitment of children in both Romania and Bulgaria. The research reports also provide an assessment of the response of local actors in the municipalities of origin to the phenomenon of child trafficking, which in turn allowed project partners and all stakeholders involved in the research to develop a set of recommendations and tools that may contribute to enhancing the measures in place to combat the phenomenon in both countries of origin as well as in France. The reports are available in French and national language".