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Supporting displaced families in Eastern Ukraine to cover their daily needs


For more than four years, Eastern Ukraine has been the scene of an armed conflict that claimed thousands of lives and led to 1.6 million people being internally displaced. Nowadays, more than 500,000 children and their families remain in need of immediate humanitarian assistance. Terre des hommes (Tdh) and its partners are assessing the needs of families and provide financial aid to cover some of the urgent ones.  

Between June and August, Terre des hommes conducted a series of visits to homes and schools located within 15 km from the contact line between the parties of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The purpose of the visits was to talk to families and identify the ones in need of cash assistance for daily food, medicine, clothes, shelter, heating, baby food and other.

Based on criteria such as very low income, serious financial difficulties caused by the conflict, loss of home and livelihoods and family member in bad health conditions, more than 600 people will be selected to receive cash assistance. The financial aid consists of four rounds of 860 UAH (approx. 27 EUR) for each person in the family or household.

"Near the contact line the houses are very cheap now… So we hope that this cash assistance will help us buy a house closer to the school. We want our children to go to school and get education. Due to the conflict, we had to move and we lost our house and everything. We live now in someone else’s house, which is far from the school, but it is also in very bad conditions, it is damaged and has no heating… and winters are harsh here," explained the parents of two children.

In addition to direct material aid, Tdh creates child-friendly spaces in these communities and trains education specialists to better protect children. These spaces are established within the schools and children can attend our activities which help them develop their social skills and improve their psychological state, reducing the effects of the stress caused by the conflict.

The cash grants and psychosocial support are provided within the Ukraine Joint Response IV, consisting of partner organisations Dorcas Aid International Ukraine, Terre des hommes, City Aid Centre, and SOS Children’s Villages, and funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Dutch Relief Alliance.

For further information, please contact:

  • Ionut Raita, Country Director, Terre des hommes Ukraine,;
  • Anastasiia Dereko, Communication Officer, Terre des hommes Ukraine,, Tel.: +380503596469