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In Greece, the needs amongst refugee and asylum-seeking children and their families remain high. Through our projects, we ensure their protection and promote their integration and social inclusion, while addressing the systemic issues and service gaps which affect the wider Greek population and other minority groups. Since 2016, we have been assisting children in detention and living on the street as well as victims of abuse.

Key results in 2018

  • 1670 asylum seeking adults were supported in 2018
  • 1540  asylum seeking children and youth benefited from our protection and integration services in 2018
  • 270 frontline workers were trained on child protection and child safeguarding

What we do


We join efforts with our partners to advocate against harmful legislation which could leave refugees and asylum-seekers less protected. We train frontline workers on child protection, case management and service delivery. In open accommodation sites for refugees and asylum seekers, we give children and their caregivers information on their rights, legal assistance, psychosocial help and support them with educational and recreational activities. Our regular sports and arts classes promote social cohesion and help children and youth to improve their well-being, build self-confidence and develop their skills.


Tdh plays a key role in improving protection measures for children in Greece. While we use sports as a tool to enhance children’s resilience and to promote social inclusion, it is essential to ensure safety and protection of children in sports settings. Therefore, we support sports clubs, summer camps, and various recreational services to develop and implement child safeguarding policies. Coaches and other professionals receive our training and guidance on how to keep children safe while attending their activities. To prevent human trafficking and protect potential victims of trafficking, we work with authorities in Greece and Albania and strengthen the national and transnational coordination mechanisms.


Tdh facilitates the access of children and young people to child-friendly justice and promotes the use of restorative justice in cases involving child victims and offenders. This approach focuses on the needs and rights of the victims, the motivations of the offenders and the role of the local community. It aims to heal, repair and prevent harm as well as to ensure that people take responsibility for their choices and actions. Our projects improve knowledge amongst national actors who work with child-victims and offenders on child-friendly restorative justice. They also empower children by teaching them their rights and by supporting them to advocate for better protection of children in the justice system.

Terre des hommes Hellas

Beneficiaries in 2018: 3862 people

Expatriate / local employees: 1 / 46

Supported by: Swiss Solidarity, UNHCR, UEFA Foundation for children, European Commission

Our story

March 2016 Closure of the “Balkan route” and start of intervention in the informal camp of Eidomeni in Northern Greece.
May 2016 Evacuation of Eidomeni and Tdh activities at the Thessaloniki emergency reception sites.
July 2016 Regional migration project starts with border countries (Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia).
October 2016 European Commission funded project begins in Epirus dealing with the areas of Child Protection and Non-Formal Education.
January 2017 European Commission funded project launched in the region of Thessaloniki dealing with the areas of child protection and psychosocial support.
2017 Project launched to provide accommodation and social assistance for asylum seekers and refugees in Ioannina and Thessaloniki.
2018 Projects expand to include beneficiaries from both Greece and third countries. Intervention to support victims from wildfires at the Attica region.
2019 Projects expand to include child protection case management services to children and their caregivers in 9 camps (Attica, Thessaly, Central Macedonia), child-friendly justice, interventions against human trafficking, integration and social inclusion projects using sports.